Autumn Winter 2017 Lookbook

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reconstruction or reimagination
leave me how you found me   or   leave without finding
preservation anxiety   or   animalistic fear
the blind mistake coexistence for
annihilation or the grotesque
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Lazarus and I rise from solitary confinement sepulcher
first too loud     too swollen       too dark         too violent
nails encrusted with blood          from unseen unbirthings
rage and writhe with us         –        stylistic paroxysm
my politics is my blood         so I will spill it for you
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Sprinting whilst naked, limbs flailing, grimacing
Soaring toward that alizarin sunset, rabid
CO! Blank road signs, anonymous juncture
IN! Atrocities unknown, on my own
TEL! Leave me be. Let me be.
PRO! Unloved cervere, your end nears!
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the tears of gas instead of children: today,
our children sell the breaking of laws to eat
sons follow fathers and leave homes behind
children become adults become cogs     become faceless
we learn to live with the tears     and to wear the claustrophobic shadows
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Dedicated to the immaculate heart of our mothers:
these fallen bodies       now risen
these mistaken eyes     now open
these stained shattered broken hearts       now precious
with seven swords piercing our sorrowful shadows
we & our children rise again
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